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Addiction Recovery Resources

stages of recovery

24/7 Erie County Addiction Treatment Hotline


Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints
Opposing Viewpoints in Context contains magazine articles, academic journal articles, statistics, reference overviews and audio clips with over 13,000 pro/con viewpoints.  Enter "opioid epidemic" in the search box.  Virtual Tour 

Gale OneFile: Health and Medicine
Provides access to the full text of nursing and allied health journals, plus a variety of personal health information sources.  Virtual Tour

Drug addiction
Information on substance addiction and misuse from sources at the National Institutes of Health and other credible sources.  Virtual Tour

Reference Solutions (formerly Reference USA): Health Care
Includes 855,000 physician and dentist listings throughout the U.S.



Alcohol Treatment Navigator - National Intsitute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

The Navigator helps adults find alcohol treatment for themselves or an adult loved one. If you are seeking help for a teen, check out these recommended adolescent treatment resources.

Getting the Right Help for Opioid Dependence or Withdrawal 
Do you know someone seeking treatment for opioid dependence or withdrawal? If so, it’s important to know this: products that promise miracle cures or fast results can cost precious time and money, lead to relapse, and even be dangerous. Tips from the Federal Trade Commission

From understanding addiction, to tools to help you find the right rehab facility for you, this site provides everything you or your loved one needs to start and succeed in recovery.

NIDA  (National Institute on Drug Abuse)
Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment: A Research-Based Guide (Third Edition)

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration)
Find information about use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs including background and treatment.

Community and Local Links 

988 Community Education and Awareness Toolkit                                                                                An interactive resource tool designed to support individuals facing suicide-risk. 988 is the three-digit number available in many areas nationally that will connect the caller to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. New York’s 988 toolkit was developed by the New York State Office of Mental Health includes marketing and educational resources to help educate the public.

Evergreen Drug User Services
For people who use and would like support to be safe. Referrals to counseling, detox and rehab centers. Free clean needles and works. Overdose prevention training and support. Mobile unit stops throughout the community.

Expanded Syringe Access Program (ESAP) & Medication Disposal Sites
If not disposed of properly, prescription and over-the-counter medications pose a hazard to our environment and increases the chances of getting into the hands of children or others who may abuse the drugs. Residents are encouraged to gather unused, expired, and unwanted prescription and over-the-counter medications and dispose of them properly by using dedicated disposal sites.

Free Naloxone Reversal Training classes    Naloxone Saves Lives (short YouTube video)
Register online however walk-ins are always welcome. Virtual classes are also available. Must be 16 years old to attend. Various locations within Erie County.

The Point
The Point is a New York State-specific, mobile friendly locater tool for harm reduction material and services (e.g. sterile syringes, disposal sites of used syringes and drugs, naloxone, and free HCV testing)

Narcotics Anonymous, WNY
Meetings list, upcoming events, cleantime calculator.

NYS OASAS Treatment Availability Dashboard
Search For State Certified Outpatient Or Bedded Programs

Rapid Evaluation for Appropriate Placement (REAP) - Pdf brochure
Participating law enforcement agencies will provide people with a substance use disorder a streamlined path towards treatment and rehabilitiation.


Community providers of counseling, residential treatment, detox and stabilization, family and recovery support

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Providers - in Erie and Niagara Counties  - Pdf brochure (2016)

Endeavor Health (formerly Mid Erie Counseling & Treatment Services)

ECMC Substance Use Treatment Services

Kids Escaping Drugs- Renaissance Campus

Horizon Health Services

Monsignor Carr Clinic 


Alba de Vida  254 Virginia Street, Buffalo, NY 14201 716-768-4040

Sisters of Charity Hospital  158 Holden Street, Buffalo, NY 14214 716-862-1330


Library Materials

Addiction Recovery - books
Documentaries - DVDs
Tragedy & Hope: Stories of painkiller addiction - DVD
Shares the experience of young people from Western New York who are struggling with addiction recovery

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