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Grosvenor Room Donation Guidelines

The Grosvenor Room consists of Genealogy, Local History, Maps, and Music collections.  We welcome donations based on the following criteria and in accordance with the Library’s Gift and Donor Recognition Policy.

Genealogy – Published and indexed genealogies and histories are the preferred format for ease of use.  Family histories must be organized in family charts or narrative text.

Local History – The Buffalo Collection focuses on Buffalo and Erie County history, people, and places. Preferred formats include published books and pamphlets, scrapbooks and photographs with identified subjects, music and theatre programs, and school yearbooks.

Maps – Published maps and atlases that will broaden understanding of Buffalo and Erie County history and/or provide genealogical information. Coverage can include city, county, state, national, and international scope.

Music – Published sheet music, song books, and LP records in popular genres.

Selection Criteria

  • Relevance to collection
  • Non-duplication of material within the collection
  • Physical condition – new or gently used; we will not accept material with damage from mold, mildew, water, insects, smoke, dirt, or strong odors.
  • Authenticity & completeness of material
  • Ease of use for patrons
  • Ability to store, display, or otherwise care for the item properly
  • Time required arranging the material for use
  • Restrictions by donor

We cannot accept:

  • Obsolete formats, e.g., Beta tape, VHS tape, 8 mm film, floppy disks.
  • Audiovisual items other than published music (exception: oral histories with written transcripts).
  • Three dimensional artifacts. The Buffalo History Museum may be an appropriate destination for such items.

The Library reserves the right to decline gift offers.  Material not accepted may be discarded/recycled, sold in the Central Library book sale, or offered to another institution.

The Library reserves the right to decide how the donated item will be displayed or stored, how the item may be used by the public, and how long the item will be retained.

Materials in the collection may be scanned and placed on the Internet for viewing, may be moved to another location within the library, and may be withdrawn if deemed no longer appropriate to the collection.

Please note: Due to the volume of donations, we request a list of specific items with titles of published works, or detailed descriptions and dates of nonpublished material.

Donation Form – Grosvenor Room
For unique materials, donor(s) will sign a “Deed of Gift” transferring ownership (and copyright if applicable) to the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library.

Deed of Gift Form – Grosvenor Room Form
Rare or unique local history or genealogy materials may be added to the Rare Book Room collection.