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August 22, 2008: Kenneth R. Miller

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August 22, 2008: Kenneth R. MillerAugust 22, 2008: Kenneth R. Miller

Presented as part of the B&ECPL’s Meet The Author Lunchtime Library Series in conjunction with WBFO-FM, this edition features Kenneth R. Miller, author of Only a Theory: Evolution and the Battle for America's Soul. At the dawn of the twenty- first century, the debate over Darwin's theory of evolution is nearly as contentious as it was in the notorious Scopes trial a century ago. Today, however, people who believe that evolution is "only a theory" have put their hopes in a concept known as Intelligent Design. In Only a Theory, Kenneth Miller dissects the claims of the ID movement in the same incisive style that marked his testimony as an expert witness in Pennsylvania's landmark 2005 Dover evolution trial.

Recorded on: August 22, 2008
Playing time: 32:01