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Tuesday, April 19: Randall "Randy" Kramer

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Tuesday, April 19: Randall "Randy" KramerTuesday, April 19: Randall "Randy" Kramer
Theme: Why are Buffalo Niagara’s Art, Architecture, History, and/or Nature Important?

Randall "Randy" Kramer, spokesman for the Greater Buffalo Cultural Alliance and the "Give 4 Greatness" campaign, is also the Artistic and Executive Director of MusicalFare Theatre. Emphasizing “why our community deserves great art,” Mr. Kramer gave an overview of the importance of the arts and cultural organizations in the region. From both total attendance figures and the cumulative economic financial impact, it's clear that cultural organizations - large and small - play a significant role in our community.

Recorded on: April 19, 2011
Playing time: 50:49