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May 2010

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Noah's Compass
By Anne Tyler

Fiction 2009

Sixty year-old Liam Pennywell is let go from his job at a run-down private school, but he makes one grand attempt to make his life more interesting with a brief affair with Eunice, the "rememberer" of Mr. Cope CEO of Baltimore's Cope Enterprises. Funny, touching and really rings true.

Reviewed by Jack

Yes, My Darling Daughter
By Margaret Leroy

Fiction 2009

When Grace's daughter Sylvie is at a loss to explain her daughter's sudden outbursts, tantrums, and extreme fear of water she seeks out help. Coming into a contact with a university professor who studies the paranormal, they think that her symptoms may be from a past life. The story unfolds slowly and you really feel for the mom and daughter in this story. There's an element of mystery throughout leading to a surprising ending.

Reviewed by Kristi K

Dreaming in Hindi: Coming Awake in Another Language
By Katherine Russell Rich

Nonfiction 2009

Like the long process of learning a language, this book does take some time to get through. But in that time you savor the story like you would a language. The story follows the author's process of learning Hindi and her experiences in India.

Reviewed by Kristi K

The Man from Bejing: a Novel
By Henning Mankell

Fiction 2010

In this thriller, nineteen people are brutally murdered in a small Swedish hamlet. Judge Birgitta Roslin is shocked to find out that she is related to one of the families. As she delves into the mystery of "why," she finds that there is an underlying current of hatred and greed spanning hundreds of years and several continents, and challenging the moral decisions of world governments.

Reviewed by CAP

Making Toast
By Roger Rosenblatt

Nonfiction 2010

This memoir concerns a couple whose daughter, a young mother, dies tragically and how her parents fill the gap created by her death. Beautifully written, it shows that even in the midst of an unspeakable tragedy there is humor, love and lives to be lived.

Reviewed by AJS

A Friend of the Family
By Lauren Grodstein

Fiction 2009

At first glance, this is a story about a family with a classic under-achieving college age son, but as the story unfolds, it is more about the father's inability to accept his son as he is. Pete Dizinoff meddles in his son's life and the results are devastating. The author is able to put us exactly in the suburban world of the Dizinoff's and their close friends, the Sterns who are also deeply affected by Pete's actions.

Reviewed by AJS