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July 2010

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The Gates
By John Connolly

Fiction 2009

Scientists are trying to split an atom in a collider at the same moment that the neighborhood satanists, the Abernathys, are calling forth Satan a couple days before Halloween. Trouble is, when the scientists split the atom, they also opened the gates of hell, letting all sorts of weird demons loose on earth. Fortunately, young Samuel Johnson and his dog Boswell are on hand to save the world.

Reviewed by Jack

Half broke horses: a true-life novel
By Jeannette Walls

Fiction 2009

Jeanette Walls, author of "Glass Castle," tells the story of her grandmother, Lily Casey Smith, a woman with much strength and gumption, as she lives through many disasters and challenges that confront her in the Southwest States in the early 20th century.

Reviewed by Jack

The sweetness at the bottom of the pie
By Alan Bradley

Fiction 2009

I loved this book! For those of us who grew up with Harriet the Spy, this is a must read. When not torturing her older sister with "poisoned" lipstick, eleven-year-old aspiring chemist Flavia de Luce practices escapes - skills that may soon come in handy. A dead bird on her doorstep and a body in the garden sets our intrepid heroine on an adventure of epic importance. This witty and fast-paced story is the author's first novel - can't wait for the next!

Reviewed by n/a

Green rider
By Kristen Britain

Fiction 1998

As young Karigan ponders her future, she comes across a Green Rider, one of the legendary messengers of the King. When she must deliver the important message, she embarks on a dangerous journey that changes her life forever. The first book in a series, this is a fantastic read that takes you on a thrilling adventure.

Reviewed by Kristi K

Lockport boy: a memoir of a magical time and place
By Frank Bredell

Nonfiction 1999

This book is a memoir of a boy growing up in Lockport, NY in the 1930s & 40s. It's written in a conversational tone and really paints a picture of life in the time period around the Great Depression and World War II. A book with local ties and a nice slice of history, I recommend reading this on a nice day beside the canal.

Reviewed by Kristi K