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January 2010

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American Eve
By Paula Uruburu

Nonfiction 2008

When she turned 16 in 1900, Evelyn Nesbitt was the standard for beauty and her image was used on many products. In 1906, her insane millionaire husband Harry K. Thaw shot her former lover, famous American architect Stanford White at Madison Square Garden in front of a thousand people. This is a fascinating book about the many scandals related to this "Crime of the Century."

Reviewed by Jack

Storm Front: a novel of the Dresden Files
By Jim Butcher

Fiction 2000

Harry Dresden is a modern day wizard who offers his services in the telephone book and to the local police department. However, most people in the world still don't believe in the supernatural, despite the rise of supernatural related crimes. Dresden is an intriguing character that really draws you into the story with his unique personality..

Reviewed by Kristi K