February 2010

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The Fortune Quilt
By Lani Diane Rich

Fiction 2007

Carly McKay is a producer who does a special on a psychic quilt maker. When the prediction of the psychic comes true, Carly seeks out the quilt maker in an effort to take control of her destiny. This is a quirky read that's good for a day when you just want to relax. Humor is peppered throughout the book, along with a sentimental storyline.

Reviewed by Kristi K

I See You Everywhere
By Julia Glass

Fiction 2008

Two sisters, Clem and Louisa Jardine, as different as night and day, go their separate ways until their lives converge in this touching story. Louisa lives in the New York City art world and Clem lives in the wilderness saving endangered animals, but this book is mostly about "what we can and cannot do for the ones we love." Louisa had breast cancer, but Clem dies first, by her own hand, and the fallout from her suicide will stay with the reader long after finishing the book.

Reviewed by Jack