December 2010

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13 things that don't make sense : the most baffling scientific mysteries of our time
By Michael Brooks

Nonfiction 2008

A fun read from one of science's newest popularizers. Michael Brooks deftly explicates some of the biggest mysteries still confounding scientists today, from the missing mass of the universe to the evolutionary benefits of aging.

Reviewed by Michael T

By Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

Nonfiction 2009

Intriguing read. A link between television and women's lib in India? Chimps who, after being taught to use money to buy food, develop prostitution? These authors make a person want to quote them.

Reviewed by Michael T

The Help
By Kathryn Stockett

Fiction 2009

Slices of life that features Mississippi during the 1960s. The book focuses on the 'help', primarily the black maids during that time period and how one white woman chronicles their story and how they've affected her life as well. In addition to issues of segregation, the book explores the issue of class making for quite an interesting read. The characterization is well done.

Reviewed by Kristi K