What if?

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[Cover]Alternate Generals
Harry Turtledove


From the battles of the Spanish Armada to Pearl Harbor, this collection of short stories speculates what would have happened if circumstances were different.


[Cover]Years of Rice and Salt
Kim Stanley Robinson


The Black Death has almost completely wiped out the population of Europe. Islam has laid claim to what remains of Europe, China has invaded North America, India holds the balance in Southeast Asia and all three powers are now competing for control of Africa.


[Cover]The Great War – American Front
Harry Turtledove


World War I has moved into North America -- the U.S allied with German and the Confederate States of America allied with the British and French. This is the sequel to Turtledove’s How Few Remain.


[Cover]How Few Remain
Harry Turtledove


The Confederate States won their independence at the Battle of Antietam in 1862. It’s now 1881 and war is on the horizon again after the Confederate States purchase a part of northern Mexico.


[Cover]Elvis and Nixon
Jonathan Lowy


It’s late 1970 and a drug apived Elvis Presley is off to receive his honorary Special Narcotics Agent badge at the White House. Based on real and fictitious events, Elvis and Nixon makes for an interesting mix of 1970’s politics and pop culture.

[Cover]Mister Christian: a Novel
William Kinsolving


Fletcher Christian led the mutiny against the HMS Bounty. After being stranded and left for dead on Pitcairn Island he escapes and continues his adventures before ending up in an insane asylum.


[Cover]George & Rue
George Elliot Clarke


George and Rufus Hamilton, the author’s cousins, were convicted and executed in 1949 for the robbery and murder of a taxi driver in New Brunswick. Clarke offers an insightful yet fictionalized portrait of African Canadian life in the 1920s-1940s.


[Cover]The Plot Against America
Philip Roth


Charles Lindbergh defeats FDR in the 1940 Presidential election and negotiates the end of World War II with Hitler, accepting his conquest of Europe and his anti-Semitic polices.