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[Cover]Isle of Woman
Piers Anthony


One family’s story is told from the dawn of time to an era in which humans inhabit multiple worlds in this chronicle of the evolution of humankind.


The Clan of the Cave Bear
Jean M. Auel


Ayla, whose tribe was destroyed by a natural disaster, is found by the Clan of the Cave Bear who mistrust her due to her different appearance. However, Ayla eventually helps them survive. This is the first in Auel’s popular Earth’s Children series.


Stonehenge, 2000 B.C.: a novel
Bernard Cornwell


Set during the original construction of the ancient English monument, this is the story of Lengar, Camaban, and Saban, three brothers and rivals who must reverse the horrors of the past to realize the vision of Stonehenge.


[Cover]Song of the Axe
John R. Dann


Set in Eurasia in 30,000 B.C., an enemy from a nearby tribe steals Eena from her lover and her eventual rescue begins a cycle of revenge that lasts many generations.


Sandy Dengler


When Gar, a shaman of the Real People, sees a woman standing over the murdered body of a man, weapon in hand, he must find the true killer before she can be brought into his clan.


[Cover]People of the Wolf
Kathleen O’Neal Gear


The story of two brothers born during the Ice Age who choose different life paths and roles in their clan, one being a proud, violent warrior and the other a dreamer serving his clansmen.


[Cover]Mother Earth, Father Sky
Sue Harrison


When enemies destroy her Aleutian Island village in 7000 B.C., Chagak must flee with her grandfather.


[Cover]The Year the Horses Came
Mary Mackey


Set in 4372 B.C., when Stavan is rescued by Marrah, he is shocked by her cultural differences, including the fact that women choose their husbands based on their care of children.


[Cover]The Voice of the Eagle
Linda Lay Shuler


Kwani joins Chief Tolonqua’s people and becomes his wife in the Pueblo city of Cicuve after being driven from her Anasazi tribe, and struggles to fulfill her anointed role as She Who Remembers, a woman chosen to teach the young girls of the tribe the secrets of Earthmother.


[Cover]The Daughter of the Red Deer
Joan Wolf


When the Tribe of the Horse loses most of its women members in an accident, the men of the tribe raid the Tribe of the Red Deer to protect its existence. However, one of the women they capture, Alin-- the priestess’s daughter -- is found to be difficult to control.