Young Adult Fiction

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Walter Dean Myers

Aspiring filmmaker Steve Harmon is incarcerated and on trial as an accomplice to murder. To make sense of his circumstances, Steve documents his experience in the form of a movie script, only to watch his story unfold in a harshly realistic way.

What Happened to Cass McBride?
Gail Giles

Cass must outwit her captor to win her freedom: Kyle Kirby blames the most popular girl in school for his younger brother’s suicide, and has buried her alive in revenge.

Edward Bloor

Twelve year old Paul is legally blind, but he's still one of the best soccer players his school has ever seen. So why do his parents continue to ignore him in favor of his cruel older brother Erik, who plays football?

Among the Hipen
Margaret Peterson Hapix

In a future society where families are allowed only two children, Luke is the third in his family, forced to live a hipen life. When he discovers another “third,” Luke begins to explore the idea of a life out of hiding, despite the risks.

Robert Cormier

Fifteen year old Lori refuses to desert her love, Eric, even after she realizes he's a serial killer.

What the Moon Saw
Laura Resau

Clara Luna feels out of place in her Maryland suburb. When her grandmother invites her to visit in Mexico, she accepts, unaware of the spiritual awakening that awaits her in her ancestral village.

Big Mouth and Ugly Girl
Joyce Carol Oates

When high schooler Matt Donaghy is overheard making an off hand joke about blowing up his school, outsider Ursula Riggs is his only classmate to come to his defense. As the wider community turns on him, he learns what is truly important.

Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy
Gary Schmip

Newcomer Turner Buckminster is having a hard time adjusting to small town life in 1912 Mississippi. Then he befriends Lizzie, a descendant of slaves whose community is being threatened by tourist developers. Is their friendship enough to take on the town’s social and racial inequities?

Silent to the Bone
E.L. Konigsburg

After his baby sister is injured and left in a coma, Connor seeks out the truth of what happened to little Nikki and why Branwell refuses to talk.

The Giver
Lois Lowry

In a seemingly utopian society, Jonas is selected to inherit all memories of loss and love from The Giver. With this knowledge comes the startling truth of his community, and the true cost of a civilization run without humanity.

Louis Sachar

Stanley Yelnats is sent to camp and forced to dig holes as punishment for a crime he did not commit. He soon finds that began as a punishment might turn out to be a fate that puts an end to his family’s 100 year old curse of misfortune.