Star-Struck Books: Celebrity Authors

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The Murder Game (1993)
Allen, Steve (comedian/composer)


When Jayne is asked to join the TV reunion of a quiz show, her husband, Steve is forced to investigate why the show’s cast members keep on mysteriously dying.


The Hornet’s Nest: a novel of the Revolutionary War (2003)
Carter, Jimmy (former president)


Set in the American South, this novel follows the Pratt family and their neighbors as they encounter conflict with their local Indian tribes.


Breakpoint (2007)
Clarke, Richard A. (government official)


The world’s technological networks are threatened, and it’s up to a team of experts to find those responsible.


Between the Bridge and the River (2006)
Ferguson, Craig (talk show host)


The story of two friends from Scotland and two half-brothers from America come together in this collection of strange experiences.


Sammy’s Hill (2004)
Gore, Kristin (daughter of Al Gore/TV writer)
Samantha Joyce is a young, idealistic intern for Ohio Senator Robert Gary who finds balancing a 72-hour work week, her own neuroses, and a new romance are quite a challenge.

Dating Dead Men (2004)
Kozak, Harley Jane (actress)
Wollie Shelley, in an effort to research for a talk show host’s upcoming book “How to Avoid Getting Dumped All the Time,” dates 40 men in 60 days. Her assignment becomes complicated, however, by an unexpected corpse.

The Gun Seller (1996)
Laurie, Hugh (actor)


A Bond-like spoof with all the right elements—terrorists, the CIA, arms dealers, and of course, blonde beauties.


The House of Destiny (1995)
Leigh, Janet (actress)


Jude Abavan, a Spanish bellhop, and Wade Colby, a movie star, form an unlikely partnership to transform and discover romance in Hollywood.


Flying Crows: a novel (2004)
Lehrer, Jim (news anchor)


Birdie, a boy in a Missouri state insane asylum, is taken under the wing of an elderly patient who helps him to escape.


Shopgirl (2000)
Martin, Steve (actor/comedian)


While working in the glove department at Neiman Marcus, Mirabelle meets Ray Porter, an older, wealthy businessman, and from here they develop a somewhat imperfect love affair.


Tickled Pink: a comic novel (2001)
Rudner, Rita (comedian)


Two women come to New York City to pursue their dreams, but find their experiences take them to new directions.


My French Whore (2007)
Wilder, Gene (actor/comedian)


A World War I soldier is captured by German forces, impersonates a famous German spy, and pursues a relationship with a beautiful courtesan.