Small Town America

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Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle-Stop Café
Fannie Flagg

A 1980s housewife who is flirting with depression has her spirits lifted by stories of two rebellious women who lived in rural Alabama in the 1930s.

Bridge of Sighs
Richard Russo

The small town of Thomaston, NY and its inhabitants fill this novel that covers several generations of family, friends and neighbors.

The Grave of God’s Daughter
Brett Ellen Block

This book tells the story of the life and times of a poor immigrant family living in a small mill town on the Allegheny River.

Going to Bend
Diane Coplin Hammond

Longtime friends work making soup for the town’s new upscale deli in small Hubbard, Oregon.

When the Finch Rises
Jack Riggs

Two boys living in a southern mill town deal with unbalanced families and an uncertain future.

A Year and a Day
Leslie Pietrzyk

Tiny Shelby, Iowa is the setting for this story of 15-year-old Alice and the year following her mother’s suicide.

Moon Tide: a novel
Dawn Clifton Tripp

We get to know artist Eve over 20 years in the early 1900s and her unconventional grandmother Elizabeth and Elizabeth’s foreign servant Maggie, who all live in a coastal Massachusetts town.

The Coal Tattoo: a novel
Silas House

After being orphaned, sisters Anneth and Easter must overcome their very different temperaments and pull together to survive in rural Kentucky coal country.

Close Range
Annie Proulx

A collection of stories set in the author’s native Wyoming, including “Brokeback Mountain.”

We Were the Mulvaneys
Joyce Carol Oates

The youngest child of the Mulvaneys looks back and details the episode which led to the disintegration of their storybook family.

Your Oasis on Flame Lake
Lorna Landvik

With chapters narrated by various residents of White Falls, Minnesota, this story centers around Dick Lindstrom and ‘Your Oasis on Flame Lake’, the small nightclub he opens in his basement.

Shadow baby
Alison McGhee

Eleven-year-old Clara longs to learn about missing and deceased family members, but her mother refuses to discuss them with her.

Plant Life
Pamela Duncan

Moving back to her small southern home town and taking a job in the local mill help Laurel Granger deal with the breakup of her marriage.

Close to Home
Barbara Hall

The secrets and relationships revealed in her new husband’s small town make things difficult for Lydia and her already shaky marriage.