Schooled in Fiction

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Crazy School
Cornelia Read

When Madeline Dare takes a job at a boarding school for emotionally disturbed teens, she must adjust to the peculiar rules and the mood of distrust that pervades the school. (sequel to A Field of Darkness)

Every Secret Thing
Ann Tatlock

Forty-something Beth Gunnar accepts a job teaching at her old prep school. Her return to this place takes unexpected turns as she deals with disturbing memories of her favorite teacher, and becomes close to one of her students.

An Absolute Gentleman: a novel
R.M. Kinder

This novel records the life of small-town professor Arthur Blume, whose pleasant appearance belies the fact that he claims to have murdered over a dozen women.

The Price of Silence
Camilla Trinchieri

ESL teacher Emma feels a connection with young immigrant student An-ling, but is accused of murder after An-ling is found dead. As her trial moves forward, Emma learns some family secrets and realizes that things were not as they seemed.

Murdering Americans
Ruth Dudivey Edwards

When conservative Baroness "Jack" Troutbeck accepts a post as a visiting professor at Freeman State University in Indiana, she is shocked by the level of political correctness that runs rampant at the school. She is soon, however, involved in investigating the death of the previous provost.

The Headmaster Ritual
Taylor Antrim

This novel is set in a boarding school and involves socially awkward senior James Wolfe and rookie teacher Dyer Martin. The two are connected through the school's radical headmaster, who is also James’ father.

The Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo: a novel
Peter Orner

Former Namibian guerilla fighter Mavala Shikongo has returned to her role as a kindergarten teacher at a Catholic boys’ school. The isolation of the locale and the scarcity of women draw everyone to the restless Mavala.

My Latest Grievance
Elinor Lipman

Frederica Hatch is feeling oppressed by her liberal parents, but finds things changing when Laura Lee French, a new college dorm mother, comes into the picture. An interesting twist is that Laura was once married to Frederica's intense father.

Truth and Consequences: a novel
Alison Lurie

When Delia, a writer new to the campus center’s staff, falls for university director Jane Mackenzie’s injured husband, the situation is awkward. Things become more difficult when Jane develops feelings for Delia's husband.

The Bronte Project: a novel of Passion, Desire and Good PR
Jennifer Vandever

Bronte scholar Sara Frost begins to question everything about her life and work after she is dumped by her fiancé.

The English Teacher: a novel
Lily King

Vida, a single mother, has sheltered her son for many years at the private school where she works as an English teacher, but her grasp on things is beginning to unravel as secrets from her past catch up with her.

What Was She Thinking?: Notes on a Scandal
Zoe Heller

Sheba Hart is the new art teacher at the London school where Barbara Covett teaches history. When Sheba’s relationship with a male student is revealed, Barbara pens a description of the affair, and in so doing uncovers both Sheba's secrets and her own.