School Days, School Days

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One Mississippi
Mark Childress

Just as Daniel Musgrove is about to enter eleventh grade, his father is relocated from Indiana to rural Mississippi. At Minor High, Daniel becomes friends with Tim Cousins. When the boys’ double date for the prom, the boys have an accident and cause the prom queen to fall off her bike and hit her head. When Anita, a black girl, wakes from her injury believing she is white, the novel culminates in violence fueled by the desire for revenge.

The Lake of Dead Languages
Carol Goodman

20 years after Jane Hudson graduated from Heart Lake School in the Adirondacks, she returns to teach Latin, despite the tragedy that has haunted her for decades. Three of her classmates drowned in Heart Lake, and their deaths were ruled suicides. Now, ominous messages become a disturbing reminder of the mystery that surrounds the lost lives of Jane’s friends.

Nineteen Minutes
Jodi Picoult

Set in Sterling, NH, this novel offers a glimpse into what would cause a 17-year-old to wake up one morning, load his backpack with four guns, and kill nine students and one teacher within the span of nineteen minutes.

Amy and Isabelle
Elizabeth Strout

When Amy Goodrow falls in love with her math teacher, her mother, Isabelle, is furious at the teacher for taking advantage of the crush. Isabelle is also jealous of her daughter, and as mother and daughter try to rebuild their relationship, the secrets of many of the town’s residents are revealed.

The Finishing School
Michele Martinez

Federal prosecutor and single mother Melanie Vargas is investigating the heroin overdose of two elite prep school girls and begins to suspect that one overdose may be murder.

The River King
Alice Hoffman

For over a century, the small town of Hapan, Massachusetts has been divided between those born and raised in the village, and those who attended the prestigious Hapan School. But one October night, the two halves of the village are thrust together because of an inexplicable death.

Every Secret Thing
Ann Tatlock

Beth Gunnar has returned to her alma mater, Seaton Prep, to teach English. She is haunted by an unresolved mystery from her student days—the unexplained disappearance of a favorite teacher.

The Chatham School Affair
Thomas H. Cook

In 1926 Henry Griswald was a student at a private school run by his father, and he was fascinated by the unusual and lovely Elizabeth Channing who arrived to teach art at the school. Decades later, the people of Henry's village are still racked by guilt and troubled by uncertainty--who, or what, drove Miss Channing to madness and murder?

The Crazy School
Cornelia Read

When Madeline Dare, takes a job as a history teacher at an unorthodox therapeutic boarding school in western Massachusetts dominated by its authoritarian cape-wearing headmaster, David Santangelo, she unearths a conspiracy among her fellow teachers when a young couple is poisoned. When Madeline is accused of the crime, she is forced to join forces with the school's most rebellious students to identify the real perpetrators.

The Moth Diaries
Rachel Klein

Told mostly through diary entries, this is the story of an unnamed narrator, a mentally ill 16-year-old during her junior year Brangwyn School, an exclusive girls' boarding school. The entries are framed by the observations of the same woman, now 46 and healthy, as she looks back on her severely disturbed youth through the pages of her journal.

Black Girl/White Girl
Joyce Carol Oates

In 1975, racial tensions still run high at Schuyler College in Pennsylvania. Genna Hewett and Minette Swift are roommates. Partway through their freshman year, Minette supenly falls victim to an increasing torrent of racist harassment and vicious slurs. As Genna recounts the months, weeks, and hours leading up to Minette's tragic death, she is also forced to confront her own identity within the social framework of that time.

Peter Hoeg

Peter, Katarina and August are a trio of misfits at an elite boarding school who discover they are guinea pigs in a sinister experiment.