Utter Suspense

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Absolute Power
Baldacci, David
When a wealthy campaign contributor’s wife is mysteriously found murdered, the president promises to do all he can to help find the culprit, that is, until he is linked to the crime.

The Da Vinci Code
Brown, Dan
Clues hipen in the works of Leonardo Da Vinci and a centuries-old secret society are unveiled as a Harvard symbologist and French cryptologist work to solve the murder of a curator of the Louvre.

Hello, Darkness
Brown, Sandra
The host of a late night call-in radio show becomes involved in the case of a killer known as “Valentino”, who calls in before he kills women he feels have wronged him.

Dancing in the Dark
Clark, Mary Jane
When Diane Mayfield, a news correspondent, sets aside vacation plans to interview a victim of a kidnapping who was not believed by authorities, she finds things become more complicated as subsequent victims are found murdered.


Promise Me
Coben, Harlan
In order to prevent a young girl from going home with a drunk driver, Myron Bolitar offers her a ride home. However, when the girl later disappears, Bolitar must rescue her to prove his innocence.

The Lincoln Lawyer
Connelly, Michael
Despite his past record of representing some unsavory characters as a defense lawyer, Mickey Haller has a chance at his first possibly innocent and high-paying client in years. But when his search for innocence for the Beverly Hills rich boy who was arrested for brutally beating a woman becomes complicated, events point to a particularly evil perpetrator.

Coulter, Catherine
When a prominent judge is murdered the night before the Supreme Court is to hear opening arguments in a controversial death penalty case, FBI agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock must head the investigation, during which more influential Washington power brokers are targeted.

Body Double
Gerritsen, Tess
When Boston medical examiner Maura Isles returns home from Paris and finds a murder victim in her driveway, she is shocked to discover that the victim is actually a twin sister she never knew. With this, Maura begins a quest to learn her true identity, and it leads her to information about an imprisoned murderer who may be her mother.

Hear No Evil
Grippando, James
Miami defense attorney Jack Swyteck’s life is changed when he takes on a case involving the murder of an officer at the U.S. Naval base on Guantanamo Bay and the arrest of the officer’s wife for the crime.


The Firm
Grisham, John
Mysterious deaths, obsessive office security, and the Chicago mafia all come into play at Mitch McDeere’s new job at a Memphis tax firm, making him suspicious of the operations of the company and his expected role in it.

Survival of the Fittest
Kellerman, Jonathan
A series of seemingly unrelated killings are linked only by the fact that each victim had a disability, and psychologist Alex Delaware joins forces with an LAPD detective and an Israeli inspector in order to solve the case.


[Cover]The Bourne Identity
Ludivum, Robert
Manipulated by a top-secret American government organization, a shooting victim suffering from amnesia finds he is known as Jason Bourne, a professional assassin with a Swiss bank account whose mission is to kill the dreaded Carlos.


Stone Cold
Parker, Robert B.
Police chief Jesse Stone finds his job to investigate a thrill-seeking pair of serial killers is complicated by local politicians of the affluent suburban town, the media, his own drinking problem, and his ex-wife.

Cat & Mouse
Patterson, James
Detective Alex Cross is chosen as the only worthy opponent in two serial killers’ deadivy game of cat and mouse.


The Cabinet of Curiosities
Preston, Douglas & Lincoln Child
When an underground charnel house containing the bones of dozens of murder victims is discovered in downtown Manhattan, it’s revealed that a serial killer terrorized the Five Points neighborhood in the 1880s. Upon publication of a news story of the discovery, new killings ignite that are frighteningly similar, and it’s up to FBI agent Pendergast, journalist Bill Smithback, and archaeologist Nora Kelly to join forces and to protect themselves from a killer.


The Messenger
Silva, Daniel
Art restorer and spy Gabriel Allon is enlisted by a ruthless papal secretary to help in the investigation of a Swiss guard who was murdered, and whose killer’s next victim may be the pope.

[Cover]New York Dead
Woods, Stuart
Stone Barrington, a detective sergeant from the NYPD, witnesses the murder of news star Sasha Nijinsky as she is pushed from her penthouse terrace, and he becomes involved in a case involving unspeakable crimes, dangerous friends, and sexual depravity.