Six Sigma

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Everything you ever wanted to know about this business management strategy

Lean Six Sigma Demystified
Jay Arthur
This self-teaching guide is the fast and easy way to learn Lean Six Sigma-the revolutionary process and quality improvement methodology.


Smart Things to Know About Six Sigma
Andrew J. Berger
Berger offers a unique and integrated approach combining best practice examples with a practical mechanism for implementation. Six Sigma can be used to improve any process - from product cycle times to defects reduction - and it can be used in almost any business.


Rath & Strong’s Six Sigma Leadership Handbook
Thomas Bertels, ed
Achieve unparalleled customer satisfaction and greater profitability with this essential handbook! Six Sigma is a proven and highly effective business initiative for improving customer satisfaction and increasing the efficiency of processes.


The Power of Ultimate Six Sigma: Keki Bhote’s Proven System For Moving Beyond Quality Excellence To Total Business Excellence
Keki R. Bhote
This guide shows how to apply Bhote's own trademarked 'Ultimate Six Sigma' method to their organizations. It explains every technique & provides every tool the manager needs to smoothly & quickly implement this management strategy.


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Lean Six Sigma
Neil DeCarlo
Increasingly popular with large and mid-sized companies around the world, Lean Six Sigma is the new hybridization of Six Sigma and Lean methodologies. Packed with diagrams and real-life examples, this book reveals the four keys of Lean Six Sigma and how to apply them.


Six Sigma for Small and Mid-Sized Organizations: Success Through Scaleable Deployment
Terence T. Burton
This book proposes a scaleable Six Sigma framework that takes into consideration the operating concerns of smaller scale organizations and their need for faster return on investment.


The Power of Design for Six Sigma
Subir Chowdhury
Get it Right the First Time! This is the first book to clearly and simply describe “DFSS” for everyone at every level of an organization.


Juran Institute’s Six Sigma: Breakthrough And Beyond: Quality Performance Breakthrough Methods
Joseph A. DeFeo
This book provides the tools to achieve results, not only now but throughout the years ahead.


Six Sigma for Everyone
George Eckes
From noted Six Sigma consultant and author George Eckes comes a practical guide that explains the underpinnings of the revolutionary quality assurance methodology.


Six Sigma Team Dynamics: The Elusive Key To Project Success
George Eckes
This covers the last component of Six Sigma-improving team processes. The successful completion of Six Sigma depends on teams working together and applying a proven methodology that defines, measures, analyzes, improves, and controls the process.


Lean Six Sigma for Service: How To Use Lean Speed And Six Sigma Quality To Improve Services And Transactions
Michael L. George
"Lean Six Sigma for Service" fills the need for a service-based approach, explaining how companies can cost-effectively translate manufacturing-oriented Lean Six Sigma tools into the service delivery process.


Design for Six Sigma Green Belts and Champions: Applications For Service Operations, Foundations, Tools, DMADV, Cases, And Certification
Howard S. Gitlow
Introductory chapters are provided on Six Sigma and the fundamentals of statistics. A case study is included, making this a well-rounded guide for service industry organization managers.


Treasure chest of Six Sigma Growth Methods, Tools, and Best Practices: A Desk Reference Book For Innovation And Growth
Lynne Hambleton
This reference is the first comprehensive how-to collection of Six Sigma tools, methodologies and best practices. Leading implementer Lynne Hambleton covers the entire Six Sigma toolset, including more than 70 different tools ranging from rigorous statistical and quantitative tools to "softer" techniques.


The Six Sigma Leader: How Executives Will Prevail In The 21st Century
Peter S. Pande
Noted author and business change authority Peter S. Pande advocates a higher standard of leadership effectiveness through the foundational principles of Six Sigma.


Best Practices in Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement: A Deeper Look
Richard Schonberger
Learn how to refocus lean six sigma processes on what Schonberger, world-renowned process improvement pioneer, calls "the Golden Goals".


Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way
Michael J. Webb
Webb and Gorman show readers how to blend marketing and sales efforts with the cutting-edge methods of Six Sigma to boost their bottom lines.