Forget Me Not

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[Cover]John Adams
David McCullough


The Pulitzer Prize winning biography of America’s second president.


[Cover]Autography of Malcolm X
Alex Haley


The story of Malcolm Little, from childhood to small-time criminal and eventually jail where he discovered the teaching of Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam.


[Cover]Matisse the Master: a Life of Henry Matisse, the Conquest of Colour, 1909-1954
Hilary Spurling


With unconditional access to Matisse’s correspondence and private archives, Spurling portrays an intimate picture of the artist.


[Cover]Master of the Senate
Robert A. Caro


The third volume in Caro’s epic three volume biography of Lyndon Johnson, Master of the Senate covers Johnson’s years in the U.S. Senate (1949 – 1960). While in the Senate, Johnson became the youngest Majority leader in history and passed the first Civil Rights legislation since the 19th Century.


[Cover]Booker T. Washington: the Wizard of Tuskegee, 1901-1915
Louis R Harlan


Considered to be the most important biography of Booker T. Washington, The Wizard of Tuskegee focuses on the last fifteen years of Washington’s life when he was at his peak of power and influence.


[Cover]The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York
Robert Caro


Robert Moses was considered to be the most significant man in New York. Without ever being elected to office he shaped the political and physical landscapes of both New York State and New York City.


[Cover]Appetite for Life: the Biography of Julia Child
Noel R. Fitch


Child reinvented America’s attitudes about food and became the first “Celebrity Chef”. Drawn from diaries, correspondences and personal interviews, Fitch writes a very personal account of Julia Child.


[Cover]American Prometheus: the Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer
Kai Bird and Martin J Sherwin


One the most well known scientists of the 20th Century and considered the "Father of the Atomic Bomb", Oppenheimer was politically attacked for lobbying against the arms race. He eventually retreated from public life.


[Cover]Hacker Cracker: a Journey From the Mean Streets of Brooklyn to the Frontiers of Cyberspace
Ejovi Nuwere


While in his teens the author becomes one of the top computer hackers in the country. In his early twenties, Nuwere was a internet security consultant for some of the largest international financial institutions.


[Cover]Morgan: American Financier
Jean Strouse


Known as the “Napoleon of Wall Street” J. P. Morgan reorganized the railroad system and created both General Electric and U.S. Steel. Strouse has written the definitive biography of Morgan’s life and the American Gilded Age.


[Cover]Time Lord: Sir Sandford Fleming and the Creation of Standard Time
Clark Blaise


Before 1884, time was confusing -- there were 144 official time zones in North America alone! Fleming worked to gather political representatives and scientists from around the world for the Prime Meridian Conference where they agreed on the International Date Line and a single system for time.