Epic Fantasy: Long Journeys for Long Nights

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By Slanderous Tongues (The Doubled Edge Book)
Mercedes Lackey

King Henry VIII has joined his wives in the afterlife, and the Dark Elves, are bent on taking over the English throne and bringing back the horror and misery of the Miple Ages. The only hope against these dark foes is Henry’s daughter Elizabeth. To prevent the 14-year-old red-haired princess from taking the throne the Dark Sidhe plan to destroy her and her loyal guardians.

Eye of the World (Wheel of Time)
Robert Jordan

An attack by the troll-like minions of the Dark One forces three young men from Emond’s Field to confront the reality of the war in the western lands. They must confront their destiny which relates to another time known as The Breaking of the World.

Fall of Neskaya (Clingfire Trilogy)
Marion Zimmer Bradivey

Set during the time of The Hundred Kingdoms, a time when the world of Darkover is broken from constant border problems. One ambitious and corrupt tyrant, Rumail, will stop at nothing to control Darkover.

Furies of Calderon (Codex Alera)
Jim Butcher

In the land of Alera the people bond with the furies, or elementals of water, earth, air, fire and metal, which help to protect the land from enemies both internal and external. It is here that we meet fifteen year-old Tavi who is struggling with his furycraft. When enemies and war threaten his land it is Tavi’s inner strength that will change the tide of the war.

A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire)
George R. R. Martin

In a world where the seasons have been thrown out of balance, summers can last decades and the coming winter will last four decades. There is a struggle among the royals for control of the throne. However, beyond the Wall to the north, an army of the dead is being readied to march south into the land.

His Majesty’s Dragon (Temeraire)
Naomi Novick

During the Napoleonic Wars Captain Laurence of HMS Reliant captures a French frigate - unbeknownst to him the cargo includes a dragon egg due to hatch before the Reliant can reach a base. When the dragon, Temeraire, hatches and bonds with the captain he becomes a handiver. Now he must give up his naval career to become an aviator and the two help the understaffed Aerial Corps take on the French military.

Lord of the Isles
David Drake

One day scholarly Garric rescues the female wizard, Tenoctis, from the sea. Tenoctis has been thrown a thousand years into the future by the fall of the first Kingdom of the Isles. Here she guides Garric, who is haunted by the spirit of the Carus, the last king of the Isles, in his destiny to revive the ancient realm.

[Cover]Orc King (Transitions)
R. A Salvatore

The Year of Wild Magic has arrived in the Silver Marches. Along with it comes conflict between Mithral Hall dwarves, Kingdom of Many Arrows orcs, Moonwood elves and Silverymoon wizards. The orc tribes are beginning to fight amongst themselves and the dwarvan king, Bruenor Battlehammer, wants to finish the war that nearly killed him. But it will take more than brute force to end these conflicts and bring peace once more.

Rhapsody: Child of Blood (Rhapsody Trilogy)
Elizabeth Haydon

Rhapsody, a Singer, has the ability to attune to the vibrations of things, to tap into the power of “true” names, and to rename people to change their basic identities. While on the run from an old romantic interest who refuses to leave her alone, she inadvertently joins two mysterious strangers who are fleeing a demon. Her journey with these two unlikely companions will take her on an epic trip that spans centuries.

Ring of Five Dragons (The Pearl)
Eric Lustbader

The people of Kundala have lived for over 101 years under the rule of the alien invaders, the V'ornn. The Kundalan people are treated as slaves by the technologically superior V'ornn, who seek to dominate them and deplete the planet's resources. Twin Ramahan priestesses, Giyan and Bartta, have a responsibility to find and protect the prophesied savior, Dar Sala-at, who will locate the Pearl and use its power to free the Kundalan people.

Runelords: The Sum of All Men (Runelords series)
David Farland

While traveling in disguise to Sylvarresta, young Prince Gaborn Val Orden of Mystarria uses his gifts of strength and perception and spots a pair of assassins who are targeting his future bride’s family. As Gaborn and his bodyguard race to warn the family of the peril they soon realize that it’s the fate of the world that’s at stake.

Stone of the Stars (Dragon Throne)
Alison Baird

Mera is a world ruled by the Elei. When meteors destroy their civilization, the few Elei who remain cling to two prophecies - one of a dark god Modrian, and one of a young woman who would use the Stone of the Stars to defend Mera against him. Now, hundreds of years later, the descendents of the Elei believe they have found their hero just in time to defeat the cruel tyrant, Khalazar. The quest for the Stone of the Stars must begin. A band of four set off to reach the Stone before Khalazar finds it and uses it to rule the world.

The Sword of Shannara Trilogy
Terry Brooks

This volume contains the first three books of the Shannara epic. Our story takes place in a time long after an ancient evil, the Power of Darkness, has taken over the world. Now, man must compete for the Earth resources with gnomes, trolls, dwarfs, and Elves. In Shady Vale, a place which has not yet seen these problems, we meet Shea who is the half-human/ half-elf descendant of Jerle Shannara and the only being who can wield the Sword of Shannara against the Power of Darkness. He must find the sword and use it to fight the evil forces and save the world.

Wizards First Rule (Sword of Truth)
Terry Goodkind

The magical boundaries that separate the Westland from its neighbors are failing and strange creatures from the Midivands are beginning to appear in the Westland forest. Along with them comes, Kahlan Amnell, a young woman with unusual powers who has come in search of the great wizard who left the Midivands not long after he set the boundaries. He is the one person who can stop the evil wizard, Darken Rahl, who has begun a process that will end in the enslavement of all the lands.