A Virtual Certainty

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You’ve Got Murder
Donna Andrews
When computer specialist Zack disappears, an artificial intelligence personality created by Zack turns detective to find out what happened to her designer. (First in a series)

[Cover]Halting State
Charles Stross
Set in a virtual world called Avalon Four in the year 2018, Sgt. Sue Smith tackles the case of a bank robbery by a band of Orcs with a dragon for backup. As she works, she find that this case is more than a robbery.

Archer Mayer
When his mother and brother are seriously injured a car accident, Joe Gunther takes a leave of absence to care for them and look into the cause of the crash.

Circumference of Darkness: a Thriller
Jack Henderson
A talented computer hacker has been abducted by terrorists who want him to help attacking the US. A young computer mastermind at the Defense Dept. must find a way to stop them.

First Drop
Zoë Sharp
Former British Army soldier Charlie Fox is in Florida, working as a bodyguard. When the wealthy computer programmer father of her teenage client disappears, the once low-key security job becomes anything but.

P.J. Tracy
When people start dying in mysterious ways in Minneapolis, everyone is puzzled, except the employees at a local software company. They are only too conscious of the fact that the murders are following their new video game to the last detail.

Hari Kunzru
When a computer programmer is fired from his job, he creates a virus that unleashes mayhem around the world.

Voyage to the End of the Room
Tibor Fischer
A solitary woman interacts with the world from her apartment.

Tom Clancy’s Net Force
Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik
Net Force Deputy Director Alex Michaels tackles a band of cyber terrorists who are sabotaging computers, causing chaos and disorder on a national scale. (First in a series)

Bound in Shallows
Freda Davies
Det. Inspector KeithTyrell’s murder investigation is complicated by a vindictive senior officer and a hacker who breaks into the police computer system.

Talking to Apison
Jenny Colgan
Holly has a crush on Apison, but getting this computer geek away from his keyboard will prove to be a test.

Society of the Mind: a cyber thriller
Eric L. Harry
A Harvard psychology professor is hired to ‘analyze’ a super-computer that is able to learn from her experiences.

Computer One: a Novel
Warwick Collins
In the early twenty-first century, the Computer One network runs most of the planet. When Professor Enzo Yakuda expresses concerns about Computer One’s behavior, a series of events is unleashed that could lead to the destruction of all living things.