Medical Thrillers

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[Cover]The Society
Michael Palmer


Will Grant, a trauma center surgeon, is a member of the Hippocrates Society, a group that works against cost-cutting insurance measures that hurt their patients. When managed care executives start dying, Will is accused of the killings and must prove that he is innocent.


[Cover]Lie Still
David Farris


Dr. Malcolm Ishmail is a surgery resident treating an emotionally disturbed thirteen-year-old who lies in a coma after suffering a mysterious cardiac arrest. Dr. Mimi Lyle, a beautiful, charismatic brain surgeon with a dark past is his vengeful former lover. As Dr. Ishmail struggles to save his patient, he must find out whether Dr. Lyle may have exacted a disturbing revenge.


[Cover]Mortal Remains
Peter Clement


When the skeletal remains of a young woman missing for twenty-seven years is pulled from an icy lake, Dr. Earl Garnet mounts a search for the truth. As the last person who saw her alive, he is in danger of becoming the prime suspect unless he can find the real murderer first.


[Cover]The Sinner
Tess Gerritsen


Medical examiner Maura Isles and homicide detective Jane Rizzoli are investigating the brutal murder of one nun and the critical injury of another within a cloistered convent. When another body is found mutilated beyond recognition they uncover an ancient horror that link these horrific crimes


[Cover]Darwin's Radio
Greg Bear


Christopher Dicken is a “virus hunter” on a mission. Molecular biologist Kaye Lang has a theory on human retroviruses and it has just been verified with the discovery of a virus that has slept in our DNA for millions of years and is now waking up. Kaye and Dicken must race against a genetic time bomb to solve the puzzle before a terrifying disease threatens to become a deadivy epidemic.


[Cover]Chain of Custody: a novel
Harry Levy


When his estranged wife is found murdered in their apartment in the midst of their divorce, former cardiologist and now practicing attorney Michael Malone finds himself the chief suspect. He must solve the murder to protect himself and his clients.


[Cover]Critical Conditions
Stephan Walsh White


Alan Gregory, a Boulder, Colorado psychologist befriends a fifteen-year-old girl who has attempted suicide and refuses to speak. The girl's stepsister has a potentially fatal heart condition that might be cured by an experimental treatment, but treatment has been denied by their HMO. When an executive of that HMO is murdered, the girl becomes the prime suspect.


[Cover]Deep as the Marrow
F. Paul Wilson


When U.S. President Thomas Winston proposes to legalize marijuana, organized crime leaders decide that he must die. The young daughter of the president's best friend and personal physician is kidnapped and all the doctor can do to get her back is to kill the president.


[Cover]First Cut
Leah Ruth Robinson


A bloophirsty psychopath commits a series of gruesome rape/murders. ER resident Dr. Evelyn Sutcliffe throws herself headivong into the case when she loses a close friend to the killer. Terror follows her into her sanctuary when the evidence suggests that someone in her tightly knit group of healers is the killer.


Robin Cook


Medical experts seek the cause of a supen outbreak of strange new symptoms that defy diagnosis. People, who pick up unusual small black rocks, are stung by them and changes start to happen to them. As the leader of the stung people starts to take on alien form, those who haven’t been stung try to find a cure before time runs out.


[Cover]Unnatural Exposure
Patricia Cornwell


While Kay Scarpetta, Virginia’s chief medical examiner, investigates the remains of a dismembered woman in a Virginia landfill, she receives an e-mail message from the killer inviting her to download police photos of the victim. Will Dr. Scarpetta be the next victim of a killer who signs his name, deadoc?


[Cover]Prayers for the Dead: a Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus novel
Faye Kellerman


When celebrated heart surgeon Dr. Azor Sparks is brutally murdered, the suspects include the doctor's six children, a jealous colleague, and a gang of biker bupies. It is up to homicide detective Lieutenant Peter Decker to sort out the truth and uncover the connection that ties Dr. Sparks to the Lieutenant’s own family.