I’ll Know It When I Steal It

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Volk’s Game: a novel
Brent Ghelfi
Volk is a killer who was maimed in the Russian/ Chechnyan war. He now lives as both a gangster and an undercover military agent, and when he has the chance to steal a Da Vinci painting, he looks to the stunning assassin Valya for help.

Four Kinds of Rain
Robert Ward
Psychiatrist Robert Wells plots to steal a priceless Sumerian mask from a patient, but things don’t go quite the way he planned.

The Chrysalis: a novel
Heather Terrell
Traces a Dutch painting from the hands of the Nazis to the dark side of today’s art world.

False Impression
Jeffrey Archer
When she is presumed dead in the days following 9/11, Anna Petrescu can work under the radar to find a murderer and recover a precious stolen Van Gogh.

The World to Come: a novel
Dara Horn
A quiz show writer is an improbable art thief.

Hot Legs
Susan Johnson
Cassie Hill has had enough of men after dealing with her lying, cheating ex. But a bounty-hunter who comes in to help track down a missing painting may change her mind.

Artistic License
Julie Hyzy
Annie Callaghan is on her way up in the world - leaving her deadbeat husband and starting a new job. When a one night fling with her ex results in a pregnancy, her new life doesn’t go exactly as planned.

The Ten Word Game
Jonathan Gash
Lovejoy is kidnapped after he is enticed to board a lavish cruise ship. Since he is able to identify authentic antiques, his keepers want him to use this ability to help them steal treasures from a Russian museum. (From the Lovejoy suspense series)

Once a Thief
Kay Hooper
Millionaire jewel collector Max Bannister must depend on the exhibit director and his security expert half-brother to protect his family’s art collection after being convinced to display the treasures to lure a master thief.

The Pieces from Berlin
Michael Pye
When a woman sees a table in an antique shop, she knows that it belonged to her and her husband in pre-WWII Berlin. This story about the antique store owner and her roll in acquiring the pieces is based on the case of a real woman.

[Cover]The Raphael Affair
Iain Pears
When the discovery of a Raphael painting leads to fraud, arson and murder, Gen. Bottando, head of Italy's National Art Theft Squad, investigates. (First in a series)

The Marble Mask
Archer Mayer
An invaluable missing mask sculpted by Michelangelo has a connection to the frozen body found on a Vermont mountain.