Dinner and a Murder

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The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder
Joanne Fluke
Hannah Swensen is a recreational detective who runs a cookie cafe in Lake Eden, MN. When the popular milkman is found dead nearby, Hannah and her brother-in-law the deputy sheriff team up to gather clues and solve the murder. (Hannah Swensen mysteries)

[Cover]Catering to Nobody
Diane Mott Davidson
When her former father-in-law is poisoned at a funeral meal that Goldy Korman catered, her business is in jeopardy until she can clear her name. (Goldy Culinary mysteries)

A Catered Murder
Isis Crawford
In this debut novel, caterer Libby Simmons solves a murder at a reunion dinner, and serves up tasty recipes for you to try.

On what Grounds
Cleo Coyle
When Carolyn Cosi gets to work at the Village Blend coffeehouse that she manages and finds her assistant manager dead, the investigators say it was an accident. Carolyn is not so sure, and she begins to worry for her own safety. (Coffeehouse mysteries)

Death by Darjeeling
Laura Childs
Theodosia Browning owns a teashop in Charleston. When a local developer turns up poisoned and holding a cup of her tea, a friend of hers becomes the focus of the investigation. Theo must act quickly to get the facts and find the source of the poison. (Tea Shop mysteries)

Holy Guacamole!
Nancy Fairbanks
The artistic director of the opera eats some guacamole that causes his death. A singer who was bitter after her bid for a role was ignored admits that she made the dip for revenge. But Carolyn Blue turns up evidence that there are plenty of secrets - and suspects. (Culinary mysteries)

Just Desserts
G.A. McKevett
Southern belle Savannah Reid is headed for California. When she won’t cooperate with a police cover-up in a murder investigation, she is fired, but is employed by a suspect to find the real assassin. (Savannah Reid mysteries)

Turkey Day Murder
Leslie Meier
Native American Carl Nolan is known in town for challenging those around him - whether his boss or the town board. When he is found dead after a town meeting, Lucy Stone takes charge of finding out who killed him, and she has no lack of suspects. (Lucy Stone mysteries)

The Chocolate Cat Caper
JoAnna Carl
When newly divorced Lee McKinney moves back to Michigan and takes a job in her aunt's chocolate business, she gets more than she bargained for. The death of a local defense attorney comes after he eats a cat-shaped chocolate that is laced with cyanide, and Lee must find the culprit before she and her aunt end up in prison. (Chocoholic mysteries)

Scots on the Rocks
Mary Daheim
When they reach the Scottish castle where they plan to spend some vacation time, Judith McMonigle Flynn and her cousin, Renie Jones find the body of the unlikable host, as well as a whole group of possible suspects. (Bed and Breakfast mysteries)

Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth
Tamar Myers
When two guests are found dead at the Penn-Dutch Inn, Mennonite inn-keeper Magdalena Yoder sets out to find the killer and save her reputation. The first in a series.