On the Couch

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A Good and Happy Child: a Novel
Justin Evans
After months of strange behavior, George’s wife forces him to see a therapist.  As he begins to delve into his past, the suspense builds in this psychological thriller.

The Session
Judith Kelman
P.J. Raftery, a therapist in the women's psych ward at Riker's Island, is blamed when an inmate is murdered.  But as more details about the murder are revealed, so does the fear that P.J. being used as a pawn in someone else’s deadivy game.


The Interview Room
Roderick Anscombe
In a hospital for the criminally insane, Dr. Paul Lucas decides whether a patient is lying, evil, or insane. He interviews criminals all the time. But this interview is different from any other…


Michael Robotham
Forty-two year old psychiatrist Joe O’Loughlin has a great life, but things begin to fall apart when he is accused of a murder that he didn’t commit.


The Promise of a Lie
Howard Roughan
A young psychologist becomes entangled in the life of a manipulative patient.


The Good Patient: a Novel
Kristin Waterfield Duisberg
Darien is a young ad executive who projects a cool, hip image.  But beneath this veneer, she carries the secret that she enjoys self-injury.  When this violence escalates, she begins therapy and is forced to deal with the painful memories of her childhood.


The Education of Mrs. Bemis: a Novel
John Sedgwick
When 76 year old Madeline Bemis is found curled up on a display bed in a department store, a young psychiatrist tries to help her unravel her story.


The Dream of the Broken Horses
William Bayer
The investigation of a 25 year old double murder intrigues a man whose father was the therapist of the murdered woman.


Man and Wife
Andrew Klavan
Psychiatrist Cal Bradivey’s wife is devoted, but has an unresolved past.  When a patient reveals his connection to Cal’s wife, this past bursts into the present and his stable life looks like it may crumble.


[Cover]Outside the Rules
Dylan Jones
A psychiatrist must help a traumatized witness remember details of his girlfriend’s murder before the killer strikes again.


[Cover]In a Country of Mothers
A.M. Homes
A psychiatrist is convinced that a patient is the daughter that she gave up for adoption years ago.


Stephen White
Gibbs Storey and her husband were in marriage counseling with Alan Gregory almost 10 years ago.  When she shows up in his office and says she thinks her husband has killed one woman and may kill again, the doctor has to wrestle with the dilemma of betraying his patient or saving lives.