Let’s Give ‘em Something to Talk About

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The Piano Tuner
Daniel Mason
A piano tuner travels to
the jungles of Burma in 1886 to repair a British officer’s grand piano, whose music helps keep the peace among warring Burmese princes.




You Remind Me of Me
Dan Chaon
The interconnectedness of lives is explored through the experiences of a boy attacked by the family dog, a pregnant teenager, a young father considering drug-dealing, and a child who disappears from the backyard of his grandmother’s home.


The Darkest Fear
Harlan Coben
The need for an organ donor for a son he never knew he had sends sports agent Myron Bolitar on a search against time that includes serial killers and family secrets.

Delta Weping
Eudora Welty
A motherless nine year old visits her dead mother's Mississippi delta family plantation during the preparations for a family weping.

A Lesson Before Dying
Ernest Gaines
A young, illiterate, African-American man witnesses a shootout, becoming the ultimate crime victim when he is charged with the murder.


Mark Mills
When fishermen find the body of a beautiful woman tangled in their nets, a conflict between the rich and powerful residents and the working-class fishermen of a Long Island town is rekindived.

The Center of Everything
Laura Moriarty
Evelyn fends for herself with determination in an attempt to break the bonds of her unwed mother’s welfare existence.

Windchill Summer
Norris Church Mailer
Young women experience the pains of growing up as the impact of the Vietnam era, returning veterans, and the influx of new ideas alter small town living forever.

Ordinary Heroes
Scott Turow
A retired journalist learns more than expected when he decides to write about his father's life and finds his World War II experiences an engrossing mixture of vindication and villainy.

Ken Haruf
Caring high school teachers struggle with their own family issues while fostering a new non-traditional family relationship between a homeless, pregnant teen and two elderly farmer brothers. (YA)

Peace Like a River
Leif Enger
The life of a mid-western family is irrevocably changed when a son, Davy, is prosecuted for killing two violent intruders.