Lesbian Fiction

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Check-out this title Trash: stories
Dorothy Allison


In a collection of intimate stories, the author’s fictional persona tells the story of her ‘50s South Carolina childhood, her rebellion against her community’s expectations, and her acceptance of her sexuality and status, in part through the connections she had to the various women in her life.


Seven Moves
Carol Anshaw


When her live-in lover turns up missing, a Chicago psychotherapist must question their relationship and her perception of trust as she attempts to track her down.


Pages for You
Sylvia Brownrigg


After student Flannery Jansen begins an obsessive affair with Anne Arden, a teaching assistant, she finds she learns more about Anne that she ever imagined, and chronicles the rise and fall of her first love.


Tea: a novel
Stacey D’Erasmo


In the wake of her mother’s suicide, Isabel Gold struggles to understand her mother’s despair and lost dreams of becoming an actress. In involving herself in an avant-garde theater troupe, Isabel finds love in Rebecca, a stage manager, and in time she begins to come to terms with her mother’s death.


Life Mask
Emma Donoghue


The eccentric widow Mrs. Damer works as England’s only woman sculptor in the 1700s, the horse race innovator Lord Derby endures public mockery due to his unconsummated relationship with Eliza Farren, and Eliza herself is consumed with entering the elite world of the rich and aristocratic in this story of three intermingled lives during the 18th century.


The Art of Detection
Laurie R. King


A century-old manuscript that may be an undiscovered story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is found at a murder victim’s home, and San Francisco detective Kate Martinelli must investigate a Sherlock Holmes dinner group and a variety of suspects to solve the case.


The Mermaids Singing
Marian Calabro


Detective Inspector Carol Jordan and criminologist Tony Hill develop a complex criminal profile in order to find an arrogant serial killer who tortures his victims and leaves no clues.

Sarah Waters


Margaret Prior, an upper-class suicide survivor visiting a London prison as part of rehabilitative charity work, is drawn into the world of spiritualist inmate Selina Dawes, who persuades Margaret to help her escape.


Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit
Jeanette Winterson


Growing up in an evangelical household with a mother trying to protect her from every temptation, eccentric Jeanette learns, through her many humorous adventures, to reconcile her love of woman with her love of God.