I Want to Walk Worthy-African American Christian Fiction

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Sacrifice the One
Monica P. Carter

Seta is tired of trying to get her father’s attention, so when she is in high school, she decides to be the bad girl. Will these decisions cause her to loose everything?

Chasing Faith
Stephanie Perry Moore

When she thinks she might be pregnant, Christian Ware finally decides that she must change her behavior and her life. She begins a relationship with God, and decides to put her mistakes behind her, but is it too late?

He’s Fine – But Is He Saved?
Kimberley Brooks

Three twenty-something women deal with friendship, faith and men.

If the Shoe Fits
Marilynn Griffith

Rochelle Gardener must juggle the attentions of three very different men-her high school sweetheart, her church deacon and a youthful waiter.

Jacquelin Thomas

When actress Marin Alexander tries to leave the temptations of her job to be a wife and mother, she finds it more difficult than she imagined. Her return to that world leads her down a path of drugs and sex that that threatens to ruin everything important in her life.

Holy Ghost Corner: a novel
Michele Andrea Bowen

Theresa Elaine Hopson has never been very lucky in love, but when she finally listens to the Holy Spirit, will her fortunes turn around?

Not Easily Broken
T.D. Jakes

David and Clarice Johnson’s marriage is already at the breaking point. When Clarice is hurt in a car accident and David flirts with temptation, things only get worse.

Sweet Magnolia: a novel
Norma L. Jarrett

When family gathers to celebrate Summer’s weping, old family friction and an unexpected event force everyone to look at each other, themselves and their faith.

Still Waters
Patricia Haley

Greg and Laurie Wright have been married for 13 years, and when things get stressful and start to disintegrate, they must rely on faith for answers. But what will those answers be?

Let the Church Say Amen
RaShonda Tate Billingsley

The Reverend Simon Jackson has to lead his flock, but the trials in his own family are stretching him to the limit.

Flippin’ the Script
Aisha Ford

Sabrina is a single Christian woman who is looking toward the New Year as a chance for positive change in her life.

Ain’t No Mountain
Sharon Ewell Foster

The lives of three people are intertwined in this story: Mary, a young single woman, Pupin, a long-married housewife, and single African immigrant Moor.