Here are Your 15 Minutes: Life in the Celebrity Fast Lane

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The Nanny Diaries
Emma McLaughlin

Based on the real experiences of the authors, this novel explores the over-scheduled lives of New York City topivers, their harried nannies and their demanding and inconsiderate mothers.

Head Games
Thomas B. Cavanagh

Retired police officer Mike Garrity is assigned to find boy-band heartthrob TJ Sommerset, who is missing just before the start of a huge tour.

Accidental It Girl
Libby Street

Sadie Price begins to question her choice to be a celebrity photographer when Ethan Wyatt begins to urge her to give up her celebrity stalking permanently.

Truth about Diamonds
Nicole Richie

Chloe Parker is a Hollywood insider, and this novel describes her life with her adoptive family, the surprise appearance of her birth father, and all the ins and outs of the celebrity life.

Chore Whore: Adventures of a Celebrity Personal Assistant
Heather Howard

Single mom Corki Brown navigates the world of demanding Hollywood bosses and endivess, sometimes demeaning, tasks.

The Year of Living Famously
Laura Caldwell

Kyra never sought fame, but when her actor husband receives rave reviews for his new movie, she can’t escape the glare of the spotlight.

Karen Kingsbury

Actor Dayne and his fiancée Katy strive to plan a weping that will stay a secret from the paparazzi.

Whirlwind: a novel
Michael Grant Jaffe

A weatherman literally gets driven into the spotlight when he is blown away by a hurricane on live TV and is found alive after a 9 day search that is covered by the media.

Slick: a novel
Daniel Price

Publicist Scott Singer must defend a rapper against a rape charge, but the hoax he concocts to deflect attention from his client may backfire in his face.

Star: a novel
Pamela Anderson

A fictional story, told with humor and heart, that closely parallels the author’s journey through life and Hollywood.

Fatal Distraction, or How I Conquered My Apiction to Celebrities and Got a Life
Mariah Fredericks

When her boyfriend dumps her because her celebrity apiction is out of control, Eliza must ‘detox’ herself. But will she be able to resist the pull of fame?

Star Craving Mad
Elise Abrams Miller

Star-obsessed Manhattan private school teacher Mapy Braverman is thrilled when she discovers that the daughter of Hollywood 'It' couple Nick and Shelby will be in her class. When an injury requires her to home-tutor Lola, Mapy’s thoughts on celebrity take an unexpected turn.