A Gardener’s Delight: Books with a Green Thumb

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An Ocean Apart

Robin Pilcher

After the death of his wife, David moves from Scotland to Long Island and rediscovers his life through the help of a gardening job and a lonely young boy.

Blue Dahlia

Nora Roberts

After the tragic death of her husband, Stella starts life anew with her two young sons in Memphis as the manager of a garden nursery where she finds friendship and an unplanned romance.

Garden Spells

Sarah Apison Allen
The Waverly women have always possessed unusual gifts, and they come to embrace each other and their qualities while experiencing love, fate, and family in a small North Carolina town.


Ann Ripley
Gardener-turned-sleuth Louise Eldridge finds her neighborhood is not as perfect as it seems after she mulches her neighbors’ yard clippings and finds body parts in some of the bags.

Pushing Up Daisies: a dirty business mystery

Rosemary Harris
Paula, a documentary filmmaker turned landscaper, is thrust into solving a myriad of mysteries when a mummified corpse is found on the property of a wealthy dowager’s estate and a rival landscape-company owner is murdered.

Roots of Murder

Janis Harrison
After the suspicious death of an Amish farmer who supplied her with the best flowers, shop owner Bretta Solomon begins to investigate her small Midwest town.

Rose’s Garden

Carrie Brown
An angel in his late wife’s garden teaches Conrad to reach out to others and rediscover life after grief.

Second Thyme Around

Katie Fforde
Love begins to be rekindived between Perdita, an independent organic gardener and Lucas, a brilliant and egotistical chef, who happens to be her ex-husband, through their various trials and tribulations, including the filming of a cooking show.

Two Women

Marianne Fredriksson
Two very different women develop a unique bond that emphasizes the healing power of friendship after meeting one day at the local garden center.

Unthymely Death and Other Gardening Mysteries

Susan Wittig Albert
A collection of mysteries featuring herbalist China Bayles, including writings on herbal lore, gardening crafts, and recipes.