College Novels

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The Pregnant Widow
Martin Amis

College students spending the summer in Italy in 1970 get caught up in the sexual revolution. Now in the twenty-first century repercussions from those events catch up with Keith Nearing.

Final Exam
Maggie Barbieri

English professor Alison Bergeron becomes the temporary resident dorm director when the previous director fails to return from spring break. Alison’s NYPD detective boyfriend gets involved when heroin is discovered hipen in the dorm floor.

The September Society
Charles Finch

Lady Payson is concerned about the disappearance of her Oxford undergraduate son George. George left behind a dead cat and a note referring to the September Society. When George is later found dead amateur detective Charles Lenox vows to find out what the society is and track down the killer.

The Magicians
Lev Grossman

Quentin Coldwater, still fixated on a series of fantasy novels he read as a child, is unexpectedivy admitted to an exclusive college of magic. Here he has many of the usual college experiences while also learning that magic does not always bring all the good things he thought it would.

Jean Hanff Korelitz

Princeton University admissions officer Portia Nathan must confront a secret from her own past before making decisions about the college admissions of thousands of the nation’s brightest students. Admissions bring about admissions.

Jennifer McMahon

Four college friends live together after graduation and commit acts of sabotage. One act results in the death of the group’s leader. They disband and swear never to speak of what happened. Ten years later the suicide of a former classmate brings about an investigation that could threaten all of them.

While I’m Falling
Laura Moriarty

Bound for medical school, Veronica Von Holten thinks she is happy and on her way to a good life. Her father discovers that her mother has been unfaithful, they divorce, and her mother’s life unravels. Veronica must learn to cope with her family’s struggles while dealing with her own changing life.

Roger Rosenblatt

Professor Peace Porterfield is recruited to come up with a plan to save Beet College, a small liberal-arts school. His wife, colleagues, and others expect and hope he will fail. Just when it seems a lost cause a national debate ensues on the value of a four-year liberal-arts education. Can it be saved or is Beet beat?

Philip Roth

During the Korean War New Jersey boy Marcus Messner’s father is obsessed with how dangerous the world is. This extreme fear provokes so much anger in Marcus that he leaves his family to attend school in Ohio where he must find his own way in the world.

College Girl
Patricia Weitz

College senior Natalie Bloom is beautiful and ambitious, but has trouble making friends and is insecure around boys. The novel traces Natalie’s difficult transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Writing Class
Jincy Willett

Writer Amy Gallup’s career has failed and her husband has died. While teaching a writing class at the local university two of her students are murdered and others are being threatened. Can the class, with Amy’s help, figure out who the murderer is?