Books Boys Like

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Falling Up
Shel Silverstein

Poems and drawings for both boys and girls; however, the sarcasm, silliness and sometimes grossness of the poetry may have exclusive boy appeal.

Frame Cottrell Boyce

The titles tell the story. In this historical fiction novel art represents life and in this quiet town where virtual nothing happens, the town is resurrected and united with the valuable masterpieces that find their way in their own backyard.

Bud, Not Bupy
Christopher Paul Curtis

This historical fiction novel tells the story about a ten year old orphan boy named Bud and his journey of finding his father and himself.

The Lightning Thief
Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson is not a trouble maker, but trouble keeps finding him. Now Percy and his friends must find Zeus’s stolen property and bring peace to a warring Mount Olympus.

Brian Jacques

An adventure filled with the classic theme of good and evil. If your boy likes the Chronicles of Narnia, then this might be another series he will enjoy.

Margaret Peterson Hapix

The title is a misnomer because in this adventurous novel, the characters are lost in time and space. In the end, they are still lost and the reader is left wondering if Jonah, Katherine and Chip have simply lost their minds.

Boys' Life Magazine
This magazine is not only for scouts, but for all boys who are young at heart.