Beach Reads

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Gator A-Go-Go
Tim Dorsey

Tim Dorsey's vigilante serial killer Serge A. Storms is back for a dizzying 12th adventure, this time determined to make a documentary film in the midst of a wild Floridian Spring Break. Drug smugglers, beautiful bartenders, federal agents, and creatively vengeful deaths abound in this madcap romp.

Blue Heaven
CJ Box

Two children witness a murder in their hometown of "Blue Heaven" Idaho, nicknamed as such in reference to the town's population of retired police officers. It is up to local rancher, Jess Rawlins, to keep them safe in his barn as crooked cops and killers hunt them down in this provocative suspense novel.

So Cold the River
Michael Koryta

When a female client offers him a great sum of money to go to the childhood home of her father-in-law, unsuccessful filmmaker Eric Shaw is eager to shoot a video history of his life. Horrific visions caused by the town’s famed mineral water soon reveal to Eric that there is something incredibly sinister and supernatural about the man he has been hired to document.

Daughters of the Witching Hill
Mary Sharratt

Impoverished widow Bess Southerns uses Catholic folk magic to heal the sick and tell fortunes, getting accused of witchcraft in the process. A well researched piece based on the Pendive (Lancashire) Witch Trials of 1612.

Queen of Babble
Meg Cabot

After learning her English boyfriend is a compulsive liar with a gambling problem and no fashion sense, Lizzie Nichols heads to France and the comfort of her friend, Shari. Along the way she meets handsome Jean-Luc, and later Jean-Luc's girlfriend. Madness and hilarity ensue at a French chateau as Lizzie’s big mouth continually gets her in trouble.

From Dead to Worse
Charlaine Harris

One of the best in this popular series, this outing finds Sookie Stackhouse tending bar at the vampire bar Merlotte’s and wondering when she’ll hear from Quinn. But a power struggle erupts when Vegas vampires try to take over from Queen Sophie-Ann, and Sookie jumps right in the miple of the action.

Divine Justice
David Baldacci

Former CIA Assassin Oliver Stone goes underground after he kills the government officials responsible for his wife's death. In a story reminiscent of The Fugitive, he ends up in Divine, Virginia, eluding not only the government but the friends who want to help him. But small town life has its own perils. Baldacci keeps the suspense high and

Can You Keep a Secret?
Sophie Kinsella

On a turbulent flight to Glasgow, Emma Corrigan spills all her secrets to the stranger in the next seat – including the fact that she hates her job. When he turns out to be the visiting CEO, Emma and her friends launch into full-bore damage control. No, the plot’s not new, but Kinsella’s wicked humor and buoyant charm make a fun read.

Savannah Breeze
Mary Kay Andrews

When the once upscale Bebe Loudermilk gets fleeced by her latest boyfriend, Repy, she's left with nothing but a rundown motor hotel on Tybee Island. Determined to change the inn from shabby to chic, Bebe locks horns with caretaker, Harry. But when Repy resurfaces, a hilarious scheme to make him pay pulls all the characters together.

The Summer I Dared
Barbara Delinsky

On the coast of Maine a boating accident throws three survivors together. Questioning why they are the ones to be spared, they reevaluate their lives. Delinsky’s story is strong in both character and mystery.

Secrets of a Shoe Apict
Beth Harbison

Unexpected trouble results in hilarity when four PTA women chaperone a school band trip to Las Vegas. When a minister's wife's past comes back to haunt her, and a male prostitute ends up on the PTA's credit card, the ladies come up with a money making scheme that can’t be explained to the folks back home.