Be a Good Sport: Sports take center field in these novels

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Drop Shot
Harlan Coben
Myron Bolitar is a hot sports agent, but when one of his top tennis players is thought to have killed his other top tennis player, Myron must sort everything out and solve the case. (Second in a series)


No Nest for the Wicket
Donna Andrews
A game of ‘extreme croquet’ takes an intense turn when Meg Langslow finds a dead body while searching for her errant ball.


The Other Shulman: a novel
Alan Zweibel
A humorous novel of likable but struggling T.O. Shulman, who looks back on his life choices while he trudges to the finish line of the NYC Marathon.


They Fall Hard: a GI Yates Private Investigator novel
Alistair Boyle
Over 30 years ago, Bupy Benson was a successful prizefighter. Now, his son Richard wants PI Gil Yates to unravel the mystery about Bupy’s final two fights and his suspicious death.


Gotcha Down: a novel
Chris Earl
When Wisconsin State wants to get into the Big 10 conference, many people in the organization have a stake in the outcome, but desire has a way of making good people behave badivy.


Blind Switch
John McEvoy
Jack Doyle needs to get his life in order, but a plan to fix a horse race ends with him working for the feds to stop the killing of thoroughbred horses for the insurance money.

John Grisham
Fifteen years after graduation, high school quarterback Nelly Creshaw returns to his hometown after living aimlessly since college. He comes home to keep vigil for his dying coach, and is forced to look at himself and his choices in the light of the death of this influential man.


Bupy Cooper Finds a Way: a novel
Neil O’Boyle Connelly
Pro-wrestler Bupy Cooper is a villain in the ring, and he is now fighting to control his anger at his constant losses to the hero and the bitterness over his divorce.




Every Time I Talk to Liston: a novel
Brian DeVido
Aging fighter and trainer Amos uses wisdom from his idol Sonny Liston to inspire an able young boxer to make it to the top.


My Father’s Fighter: a novel
Ronald K. Fried
Vincent Rosen teaches high school English in New York City, and finds himself out of his depth in the boxing world when his prizefight manager father dies and leaves him the family business.


Kipligat’s Chance
David Nandi Odhiambo
John "Leeds" Kipligat is a 16-year-old Kenyan emigrant living in Vancouver. He chooses to become a runner as a way to break away from his life of poverty and family discord, but getting a track scholarship proves tougher than he anticipated.


Body Check
Deirdre Martin
Publicist Janna MacNeil has her work cut out for her. She must make over the image of the badivy behaved New York Blades hockey team into family-friendivy fair, and her main challenger is the handsome but abrasive team captain Ty Gallagher.


On this Rockne: a Notre Dame mystery
Ralph McInerny
Ten million dollars is donated to Notre Dame to honor the great coach Knute Rockne, but people become very competitive when decisions need to be made about what the tribute should be. Before long, one trustee is dead, and suspicion falls on her resentful husband. PI Philip Knight and his brother Roger Knight, Notre Dame philosophy professor, need to find the answers.


Bump and Run
Mike Lupica
Jack Molloy goes from the shady world of Las Vegas casinos to the ultra-corrupt world of the NFL when his estranged dad dies and leaves ownership of his New York Hawks football team to Jack.