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Library Users Can Save Big Bucks

When someone wants to save money they can clip coupons and look for sales or they can come to any of the 37 libraries in the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library System.

The numbers explain it all. The more than 16,500 people who daily use any of the libraries throughout the County can save their hard-earned cash by taking out books, DVDs, or CDs, using our public computers or attending one of many programs for free.

“When you take a look at our funding and crunch the numbers, you’ll find that for every dollar invested in the libraries, the public receives $6.70 back in library programs and services,” said Mary Jean Jakubowski.

“Over 3.6 million people used the library last year. That’s more than the total event attendance at all of the local professional sports teams and top cultural organizations.”*

Based on 2011 library statistics here is how those numbers break down.

 Library Program/Services

Average Retail Cost

Savings to Community

8,154,384 Items borrowed: including books, CDs, DVDs, downloads



842,769 patron public computer hours logged



62,212 children’s program attendees and 35,469 adult program attendees

$7.45 (weighted average) for a movie matinee


3,184,215 articles downloaded from the Library’s online database resources

$15 to purchase an online article


470,264 reference questions asked & reference materials loaned from outside libraries

$15 to purchase reference support or reference materials



 “Simply put, using your local Buffalo & Erie County Public Library saves you money,” said Jakubowski. “County residents can save hundreds of dollars a month by simply getting and using a library card and taking advantage of their local library’s programs and services. Folks can even stay home, log in and get access to information. It’s easy and it’s free.”

Library card applications are available at all 37 local libraries or online. Those under 17 years of age must be accompanied by an adult with valid identification.