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The Buffalo Genealogy Society of the African Diaspora and the Frank E. Merriweather, Jr. Library
present Slave Genealogy of the Roulhac Family: French Masters and the Africans They Enslaved, Saturday
April 13 from 12:30 to 3:00 p.m. at the Frank E. Merriweather Library, 1324 Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo.

The program will feature Roy L. Roulhac, a fifth-generation descendant of colonial North Carolina and
territorial Jackson County, Florida slaves. Roulhac is the author of the recently released book - Slave
Genealogy of the Roulhac Family. The author will share his journey through 18th and 19th century wills,
probate records, bills of sales and other primary and secondary sources of his ancestors’ enslavers to
find and connect missing pieces of not only his family’s past, but also the history of all African
descended- Roulhacs.

Roy uses primary and secondary sources to annotate Helen Prescott’s 1894 Genealogical Memoir of the
Roulhac Family in America by adding the slave and Civil War histories of three French Roulhac brothers
and four generations of their descendants. An important aspect of the book is the vigilance and selfdetermination
of enslaved Roulhacs who did not idly accept what most during their time concluded as
their fate of oppression, but played a significant role in their own liberation. Inspired by the Gabriel
Prosser revolt in nearby Virginia, some were implicated in the 1802 Bertie County North Carolina slave
conspiracy and others escaped to fight and die for their own freedom and that of 4 million other
oppressed Africans during the Civil War. Readers, whether Roulhacs, African Americans, or any other
ethnicity can easily reflect on their own heritage in this documentation of despair and triumph.

A Marianna, Florida native, Roulhac is an Administrative Law Judge, a past president of the Fred Hart
Williams Genealogical Society and editor of Jackson County Florida, the story of African Americans from
slavery through the often violent Reconstruction and Jim Crow eras to the increasing tolerance of the
20th century.

For more information, contact the Frank E. Merriweather, Jr. Branch Library at 883-4418. Facebook
users can “friend” the Library and the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library System website is