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Country Watch

Featured Resource: CountryWatch


Our featured database for May is CountryWatchCountryWatch provides comprehensive information on all of the recognized countries in the world.  The database is designed for adults and young adults who wish to learn about the countries of the world with sections that cover demographic, political, economic, business, cultural and environmental subject matter.  CountryWatch uses a number of government, academic, media and independent sources to compose its reviews.  Each Country page is neatly divided into subheadings with basics facts (“Key Data”) at the top left of the page and becoming increasingly detailed throughout the listing. There is a CountryMaps section that gives you an option for selecting Thematic, Physical/Political or Global Thematic maps besides the individual maps in each country listing.  A “Political Intelligence Wire” scroll at the top of the page offers a news feed that provides links to articles on political hot spots and topics.  Anyone who may be considering international travel should take advantage of the “Social Overview” section for each country that includes “Culture and Arts,” Culture Etiquette,” a “Travel Guide,” and “Travel Advisory.”  In summary, this database is an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in international news and in finding out about other parts of the world.