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Blackberry Users:  Click here

Downloads 2GO is now powered by OverDrive Next Generation

Everything you need to know about the e-book lawsuit in one post:  Click here for an overview of the Department of Justice lawsuit against Apple and five book publishers for conspiring to set eBook prices.

Random House Raises E-Book Prices for Libraries as Much as 300 Percent – Click here for the complete article.

A Guide to Publishers in the Library Ebook Market: Click here to learn more about publishers who offer their eBooks for library purchase.

Penguin and Overdrive reach agreement making Penguin eBooks available to B&ECPL Overdrive users.  Click here for the complete article.” 

B&ECPL Training Guides for Downloads 2GO:

The following training guides and online screencasts have been created by B&ECPL staff to assist you in using Downloads 2GO.

Searching for eBooks (Training Guide
Searching for eBooks (Video
Borrowing eBooks & Audiobooks: Android Devices (OS v4.0 or newer) (Training Guide)
Borrowing eBooks & Audiobooks: Android Devices (below OS v4.0) (Training Guide
Borrowing eBooks & Audiobooks: iPad / iPhone (iOS 6 or newer) (Training Guide)
Borrowing eBooks & Audiobooks: iPad / iPhone (below iOS 6) (Training Guide
Setting up an iPad to download eBooks & Audiobooks (Video
Kindle App for iPad (Training Guide)
Borrowing eBooks & Audiobooks: Kindle Fire HD(X) (Training Guide)
Borrowing eBooks & Audiobooks: Kindle Fire (non-HD) (Training Guide
Borrowing eBooks: Kindle eReader (Training Guide)
Borrowing eBooks: Kindle eReader (Video
Borrowing eBooks: Nook or Sony eReader (Training Guide
How to Download & Install Adobe Digital Editions (Video
Borrowing eBooks: Nook eReader (Video
Borrowing eBooks: Nook HD & Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook (Training Guide)
Borrowing eBooks: Nook Tablet & Nook Color (Training Guide)
Borrowing eBooks & Audiobooks: Windows 8 Devices/Microsoft Surface (Training Guide
Borrowing Audiobooks (Training Guide
Borrowing Audiobooks (Video)
Borrowing eBooks: OverDrive READ (Training Guide
Accessing EBL Ebooks (Instructions)


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Frequently Asked Questions:

The following frequently asked questions cover problems that may arise in Downloads 2GO.  The information provided here supplements the main troubleshooting assistance found in “OverDrive Help”.  If you have further questions, please Contact Us.


How do I install the OverDrive Media Console (OMC) App on a Kindle Fire?

I got the error message 'E_ADEPT_INVALID_RIGHTS_VALUE', or an error message saying the file can't be opened by Adobe Digital Editions. What should I do?

I got the error message 'Error getting license/License server communication problem: E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER'. What should I do?

How do I set my computer to always open ACSM files with Adobe Digital Editions?

When I try to download an eBook, Adobe Digital Editions opens but the eBook does not download. What should I do? (Error: “IO Error on Network Request.”)