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Battle of the Books - Revised Rules 2013

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Each team will consist of at least 4 players but not more than 8 players.  No alternates.

If on the day of the event, a registered team does not have the minimum number of 4 players, they may still participate.

Team members must be entering grades 6-9.

Coaches must register the final number of teams for their library by July 15. No exceptions.

All cell phones and electronic devices must be turned off during competition.

Teams may not include any titles, authors, pictures of book covers or any book trivia on team t-shirts.



There will be 5 rounds  in which each team will participate.

Each round will cover one book title.

Each round will last approximately 10 minutes, with a 5-minute break between each round.

In each round, 2 teams “battle” against each other.  Multiple “battles” will be taking place during each round.

In case of an odd number of teams, 1 team may not have an opposing team during one particular round.  That team will vary from round to round.



30  alternating questions will be posed to the teams during each round.  15 questions per team.

The questions asked during the individual rounds will always be the same no matter what room your team is located in. 

In case of an odd number of teams, 1 team will be asked only 15 questions.  Questions that would have been read to the opposing team in the room will NOT be read.

The questions will be based on the 5 titles that the participants have read.  Each round will cover 1 title.

Questions will not be ambiguous.  Answers will be straightforward and specific as they relate to characters, setting, plot, detail or quote identification.

Questions will be read in their entirety unless interrupted by the teamThe answer must be given within the 20 seconds of time allotted.  Teams may not answer once the 20 seconds is called by the timekeeper.

Timekeepers will give each team a 5 second warning before their time is up.

Interrupted questions will not be finished and the play begins at the end of the interruption.

Clock starts at the end of the question.  If a team requests a rereading of the question the clock continues to run.

Teams receive 1 point for each correct answer and 0 points for incorrect or incomplete answers.

The opposing team does not have an opportunity to answer a question that was incorrectly answered.

Any prompting from the audience or coaches will disqualify the question and that individual will be asked to leave.

There will be no challenge to questions by coaches, players, or parents.

A team found cheating will be disqualified from the Battle of the Books competition.

Silence must be maintained by spectators and opposing team members during the course of each round.

Scorekeeper’s tally (score) is official and final. Not open to challenge.

Playoff Round


Should more than 2 teams qualify for the championship round, playoff rounds will occur simultaneously.

There will be only 1 team in each room.

Teams will answer as many questions as possible during the 3-minute playoff round.

An interrupted question will not be repeated; response must be given within 10 seconds. Teams may not answer once the 10 seconds has been called.

Questions can be passed.

1 point will be awarded for correct responses, a 1 point deduction will be taken for incorrect responses, and 0 points for passed or unanswered responses.

If additional playoff rounds are necessary each successive round will be reduced by 1 minute.



2 top scoring teams.

This will be a 8-minute “Thunder Round”.

Opposing teams will try to answer as many questions as possible during the specified time period.

Quickest individual to “buzz in” using the “Quizzer” will answer the question.

Response must be given immediately following recognition of 1st individual to “buzz in”.

1 point will be awarded for correct responses and a 1 point deduction will be taken for incorrect responses or no response.  If a team answers incorrectly the opposing team will have 5 seconds to buzz in and immediately answer the question.  If they answer incorrectly a 1 point deduction will be taken.

If after 5 seconds no team is recognized to answer the given question, the next question will be read.

In the event of a tie after 8 minutes there will be a 3 minute tie-breaker round.  Highest scoring team in that round wins.